GFMS blows hot and cold on gold

The latest GFMS Gold Survey Update taking Q2 figures into account doesn’t make for particularly positive reading for the gold investor in terms of fundamentals, but nevertheless the consultancy has…

Source: GFMS blows hot and cold on gold

Gold sitting on support – so far.


A shortened, updated and edited version of Julian Phillips’ commentary for Tuesday which was delayed from reaching us for technical reasons.

Shanghai prices have been higher than in New York, after gold was sold from the SPDR gold ETF [see below], and London followed Shanghai’s prices, so at this stage we conclude that New York prices were considered to have been marked down too far.

A weakening dollar is at the heart of any strength there is in gold and silver prices. Once again, in the face of analyst’s opinions, we see the dollar weakening across the board, this time alongside the FOMC meeting.

While the risk to the euro is to fall to $1.07 against the dollar, the U.S. does not want to see the dollar any stronger than at present despite the state of the E.U. We reiterate that we believe the dollar’s ‘bull’ run is over.


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