What’s it all About

photo-at-desk-mediumMartin Lonergan, aka BigFoot, has had a colourful and interesting life.  And is fortunate to have lived in and travelled through many places in the last twenty five years.  Having spent barely a handful of days in the last ten years in the UK. Those places include Sierra Leone, Senegal, Cape Town, Moscow, Mauritania, Monaco, Lugano, Puerto Banus, Miami, Paris, Brussels, Gibraltar, Edinburgh, Majorca, Sydney, Wellington, Auckland, Villars-sur-Ollon, Tokyo, Shanghai and in no particular order.

The life of BigFoot has been an interesting and colourful one; having been through numerous phases, meeting success and failure and treating those two imposters the same.  Forming part of the Chinese Delegation at the Global Climate Summit in Cancun 2010 and being asked to be the Executive Director of the Beijing Emissions Trading association was a career highlight.  There are many interesting tales, too numerous to mention here.  These and other weird and strange events shaping the course of his life throughout the last thirty years.  Lonergan has experienced success and failure in extreme measures and has seen how fickle the financial world can be.

Therefore, the author has some knowledge and first-hand experience of his subject matter. BigFoot has completed several other fiction works and has several more in progress. He believes he can create a good number of modern fictional thrillers, from the extraordinary life he has seen and lived.

BigFoot currently lives in Dubai on the famous Palm Jumeirah, where he spends his days scribbling; looking for inspiration and cause. And trying to remain almost sane in this ever changing and multifaceted world.  The lifetime of research and experiences have formed the fundamental basis for his most recent creation, GoldSafe, financial security for individuals in the most uncertain of times.

The story’s come easily and there are many more to follow.  Having walked a fine line for many years, the writer understands there are always at least two sides to a tale. Each will have merit and fault, perhaps not in equal measure; BigFoot is only the storyteller and never the judge. Interested agents are most welcome. martin@bigfootwriter.com


3 thoughts on “What’s it all About

  1. Hi Mr Lonergen
    I suppose I should be flattered that you republish links to my articles on your website – not sure that the advice I may have given over the years would have been particularly worthwhile given that gold has not performed as expected, although I still live in hope!
    The reason i am writing is that given that I am trapped at my home for a radiotherapy course for prostate cancer (which ends tomorrow), I have found myself with time on my hands so at long last decided to research bigfootwriter and am somewhat intrigued by your history. I would thus be interested to read some of your books – but have been unable to find them! I assume there is an autobiographical element in your Edward Dantes novels which is intriguing and perhaps you could guide me to where I could find them. I’ve tried Amazon without any luck.
    Its interesting that you live in Dubai – somewhere i have never been, although I recall I transited through the airport once – a long time ago. It has not appealed as a holiday destination (possibly too hot!) although your description might change all that as its an easy destina tion to get to. (I live relatively close to Gatwick Airport and Emirates flies direct from there.
    I wish you well in your endeavours to re cover some of your wealth from your ex-wife. (I fear there are too many predatory women around who are attracted to wealthy businessmen to get what they can out of a relationship!)
    All the best
    Lawrie Williams


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