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VAT 1 – The Edward Dantès Story

Edward Dantès, a product of his times and people.  The first book is VAT 1, in the tale of a life most strange.  It had to start somewhere and perhaps were it not for the bursting of bubbles, then it would never have been enough for even a single book.  The principle character, a man of Essex, or an Essex man, is there a difference.  It never occurred to Edward Dantès there might be.

The bubble really did burst, and it burst for an entire nation, not just a county.  But perhaps it was felt more in Essex than in other places, for the South of England and in particular Essex had benefited from Margaret Thatcher’s dream perhaps more other parts of the Kingdom.  For those which rise higher fall further.

Gibraltar & Back

Gibraltar & Back

Gibraltar was Ed’s first stop after HMC&E, or un-affectionately referred to as the church by the gang, took gold off the table.  Ed and the guys still fancied the gold business could produce something meaningful.  The Costa del Sol was the centre of the known universe for the supply of cannabis resin to the UK.  The players lived there, met there and partied there.  It was a convenient place to meet the Moroccan growers and the sun nearly always shone.  The girls and the golf weren’t bad either.


Ed was never in the drug business, nor were any of his immediate associates, or so they would tell you.  Perhaps they even believed it.  What they were in was the money job.  Law enforcement had started to follow the money in the war on drugs.  The average Scouser in a shell suit couldn’t walk through Liverpool airport anymore, heading for his easy jet to Malaga, with two hundred grand in his golf bag.  It was too risky and inevitably led to questions and confiscation.

Once Upon A Time in Essex

Martin Lonergan - Once Upon a Time in Essex - Book Cover FINAL

A Triple murder in a quiet Essex village.  Three of the County’s most feared criminals are dead; it is December 1995.  Six weeks earlier, an innocent girl dead by misadventure and a cruel turn of fate.   These facts are undisputed, written in stone and intrinsically linked.  As is the conviction of two innocent men.

Once Upon a Time in Essex.  An interesting and fast paced thriller, delivering an alternative explanation, with a plausible how and why.  It answers difficult questions and deals with the facts as proven.  The author does not seek to discredit any previous accounts or versions of events leading up to the gruesome murders, he merely offers an interesting alternative scenario to be considered.


Dirty Harry Callahan first appeared 1971; a tough San Francisco Homicide Detective.  Harry soon became a liability for the changing face of law enforcement and was sidelined 25 years ago.  As a man well past his sell by date, he takes the job at the Department of State.  Harry’s exploits soon get him the dirty job.  It was all about deniability for the American President.

Harry would have to break all the rules, if he was to find the slightest thread to follow.

New York had been hit once, they would hit it again.  This time they would destroy the city forever.  Their delivery mechanism was the ultimate act of deception.  Who would think it possible, the journey so long and moving so slow.  The world’s most advanced security systems failed, no patterns, nothing to see.  They knew it was coming… Little Boy was coming home.

A Swiss Bank & The Job in Spain

Martin Lonergan - A Swiss Bank - Book Cover (RGB)The arrest in 1994 brought an abrupt end to a way of life Ed had learned to embrace.  He had applied himself completely to the profession, into which circumstance had pushed him.  A new character has evolved, with different faces, for different occasions.  He had become a member of an international community of criminals.

The bail and travel restrictions put an end to the businesses overseas.  Customs had got it wrong this time.  There were things going on, but they had missed them.  They tried constructing something out of nothing, the defendants must have done something.  The evidence wouldn’t fit, they stretched it one way then the next.  It was all in vain, the prosecution case collapsed miserably in 1996.

Unable to travel; with no source of income, Ed joins a friends contracting business.  It’s honest, regular business. He puts his capital in to bridge the funding gap between salaries and the firm getting paid.  Ed applies himself to developing the business with the same enthusiasm he’d given to all he’d done before.